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Applied Coatings is capable of coating high volume production runs . We have over 12 years of experience coating a variety of substrates including : aluminum , castings , steel , galvanized ,etc . Please call us for any questions or a quote (209)367-1167


At Applied Coatings we use a 5 stage iron phosphate prep system . This provides a protective coating on the substrate and also promotes adhesion of the coating applied.

We also offer Chem Film in chromate and non chromate for aluminum.

Media blasting is also available for corroded parts or parts that have been previously painted.


We offer coating from a variety of manufacturers in a wide range of colors, glosses, textures and formulations to suit your needs. Coatings are applied to manufactures specs with testing to insure proper thickness  and adhesion. Powder is applied in one of our powder coating booths . Our booths utilize self purging cartridge filters and high efficiency final stage filters to ensure no cross contamination.

We also offer wet coating on a variety of substrates

(209) 367-1167

915 Black Diamond Way, Lodi CA

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