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Applied Coatings is a one stop shop for all of your custom powder coating needs. Questions or a quote please call (209)327-9122

.​We provide chemical stripping as well as media blasting to remove any old paint or corrosion on the part to be coated . Our chemical de-greasing also ensures that the surface to be coated is free of any oil or grease that would result in a poor finish.

We also provide minor welding and cleanup such as filling in unwanted holes on chassis or smoothing out welds or castings for those who want an extra smooth look to their project

With our ovens we are capable of curing items up to 22' long. This allows us to coat large items such as car frames and gates.

At Applied Coatings we pride ourselves in quality coating , great customer service and quick turnaround . Pick up and delivery of large items is also available.

Thousands of colors and textures to chose from including 2 and 3 stage finishes such as transparents and metallics.  Different clears can also be added to increase or decrease gloss.

Our masking department handles any masking or plugging needed to keep powder out of unwanted areas such as the inside of motor casings and tight tolerance areas.

(209) 367-1167

915 Black Diamond Way, Lodi CA

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